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Style of this release: Neo-Romantic music  Score music  Contemporary music 
Genre of this release: Classical music   Stage & Screen music  
Released at: This album was released on the label Reprise Records (catalog number 44376-2) New Line Records (catalog number 44376-2)
This album was released in 2006-11-07 year. US
Date of Copyright: (C) 2006-11-07

The album included the following session artists:

Art Direction Ellen Wakayama
Artwork [DVD-audio Graphics] Ben Kim
Bodhrán Robert A. White
Chorus Master Michael McCarthy
Chorus Master Terry Edwards (2)
Cimbalom Edward Cervenka
Cimbalom Greg Knowles
Composed By, Conductor, Orchestrated By Howard Shore
Contractor [Music Contractors] Isobel Griffiths
Contractor [Music Contractors] Ruth Cornes
Coordinator [Music Example Preparation And Album Coordination] Sue Sinclair
Coordinator [Scoring Coordinator, London] Karen Elliott
Coordinator [Scoring Coordinator, New York] Charles Portney
Coordinator [Technical] Jeff Grace
Copyist [Music Preparation] Ann Barnard (2)
Copyist [Music Preparation] David Gill
Copyist [Music Preparation] Edmund Saunders
Copyist [Music Preparation] Ian Hayter (2)
Copyist [Music Preparation] Jill Streater
Copyist [Music Preparation] Kevin Mahonchak
Copyist [Music Preparation] Mark Brooks (4)
Copyist [Music Preparation] Mike Hornett
Copyist [Music Preparation] Vic Fraser
Design Ryan Corey
Edited By Mark Willsher
Edited By [Assistant Editor] Jonathon Stevens
Edited By [Music Editors] Andrew Dudman
Edited By [Music Editors] Becca Gatrell
Edited By [Music Editors] John Wriggle
Edited By [Music Editors] Jonathan Schultz
Edited By [Music Editors] Malcolm Fife
Edited By [Music Editors] Mark Willsher
Edited By [Music Editors] Michael Price (2)
Edited By [Music Editors] Nigel Scott
Edited By [Music Editors] Raphaël Mouterde
Edited By [Music Editors] Simon Kiln
Edited By [Music Editors] Steve Price
Edited By [Music Editors] Tim Starnes
Engineer [Assistant Engineers] Chris Clark (4)
Engineer [Assistant Engineers] Erik Jordan
Engineer [Assistant Engineers] Iain Titman
Engineer [Assistant Engineers] Jake Jackson
Engineer [Assistant Engineers] Mike Cox (4)
Engineer [Assistant Engineers] Mirek Stiles
Engineer [Assistant Engineers] Richard Lancaster
Engineer [Assistant Engineers] Steve Browell
Engineer [Assistant Engineers] Steve Pelluet
Engineer [Assistant Engineers] Toby Wood
Engineer [Vocal Engineers] Alex Swift
Engineer [Vocal Engineers] Andy Bradfield
Engineer [Vocal Engineers] Pete Lewis
Executive-Producer [Executive Album Producers] Fran Walsh
Executive-Producer [Executive Album Producers] Paul Broucek
Executive-Producer [Executive Album Producers] Peter Jackson (8)
Executive-Producer [For Warner Bros. Records] Jeff Aldrich
Liner Notes Doug Adams (2)
Mastered By Peter Mew
Mixed By [Score] Peter Cobbin
Monochord Sonia Slany
Orchestra London Philharmonic Orchestra, The
Other [DVD-audio Authoring] Craig Anderson
Other [DVD-audio Authoring] David Dieckmann
Other [DVD-audio Director] Spencer Chrislu
Other [Materials Prepared By] Jim Bruening
Other [Music Business Affairs Executives, For New Line Cinema] John F.X. Walsh
Other [Music Business Affairs Executives, For New Line Cinema] Lori Silfen
Other [Music Clearance Executive, For New Line Cinema] Mark Kaufman
Other [Score Reader] James Rhodes
Other [Soundtrack Executive, For New Line Cinema] Mitch Rotter
Photography By [Non-motion Picture, Bodhrán] Robert A. White
Photography By [Non-motion Picture, Cimbalom, Bell Percussion] Oguz Altinbilek
Photography By [Non-motion Picture, Dilruba, Hardanger Fiddle, Sarangi] Ayisha Winmai
Photography By [Non-motion Picture, Monochord] Glenn Copus
Photography By [Non-motion Picture, Rhaita] Jan Hendrickse
Photography By [Non-motion Picture, Session Photography] Benjamin Ealovega
Producer [Album Produced By] Howard Shore
Producer [Associate Music Producer] David Gleeson
Producer [Music Produced By] Howard Shore
Producer [Pre-production] Bill Foley
Producer [Pre-production] EvenTone Editorial
Producer [Pre-production] Greg Laporta
Producer [Pre-production] Jason Poss
Producer [Pre-production] Jim Bruening
Producer [Pre-production] Matt Rocker
Producer [Pre-production] Tim Stritmater
Producer [Vocal Soloists Produced By] Paul Broucek
Recorded By [Score] John Kurlander
Rhaita Jan Hendrickse
Sarangi Sylvia Hallett
Sarangi, Dilruba, Hardingfele [Hardanger Fiddle], Whistle Dermot Crehan
Supervised By [Album Coordinating Supervisor] Alan Frey
Supervised By [Executive In Charge Of Music & Supervision, For New Line Cinema] Paul Broucek
Technician [Auricle Operators] Chris Cozens
Technician [Auricle Operators] James Bellamy
Text By [Choral Text By] Fran Walsh
Text By [Choral Text By] J.R.R. Tolkien
Text By [Choral Text By] Philippa Boyens
Vocals London Oratory School Schola, The
Vocals London Voices
Track list:
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The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers - The Complete Recordings
CD1-1 play Glamdring Download track MP3 Glamdring 3:50
CD1-2 play Elven Rope Download track MP3 Elven Rope 2:19
CD1-3 play Lost In Emyn Muil Download track MP3 Lost In Emyn Muil 4:14
CD1-4 play My Precious Download track MP3 My Precious 2:56
CD1-5 play Uglúk's Warriors Download track MP3 Uglúk's Warriors 1:41
CD1-6 play The Three Hunters Download track MP3 The Three Hunters 6:12
CD1-7 play The Banishment Of Éomer Download track MP3 The Banishment Of Éomer 3:55
CD1-8 play Night Camp Download track MP3 Night Camp 2:50
CD1-9 play The Plains Of Rohan Download track MP3 The Plains Of Rohan 4:14
CD1-10 play Fangorn Download track MP3 Fangorn 5:13
CD1-11 play The Dead Marshes Download track MP3 The Dead Marshes 5:08
CD1-12 play "Wraiths On Wings" Download track MP3 2:07
CD1-13 play Gandalf The White Download track MP3 Gandalf The White 6:48
CD1-14 play The Dreams Of Trees Download track MP3 The Dreams Of Trees 1:54
CD1-15 play The Heir Of Númenor Download track MP3 The Heir Of Númenor 6:50
CD1-16 play Ent-draught Download track MP3 Ent-draught 2:53
CD2-1 play Edoras Download track MP3 Edoras 4:34
CD2-2 play The Court Of Meduseld Download track MP3 The Court Of Meduseld 3:10
CD2-3 play Théoden King (Featuring "The Funeral Of Théodred") Download track MP3 Théoden King (Featuring 6:12
CD2-4 play The King's Decision Download track MP3 The King's Decision 2:07
CD2-5 play Exodus From Edoras Download track MP3 Exodus From Edoras 5:42
CD2-6 play The Forests Of Ithilien Download track MP3 The Forests Of Ithilien 6:37
CD2-7 play One Of The Dúnedain (Featuring "Evenstar") Download track MP3 One Of The Dúnedain (Featuring 7:13
CD2-8 play The Wolves Of Isengard Download track MP3 The Wolves Of Isengard 4:22
CD2-9 play Refuge At Helms Deep Download track MP3 Refuge At Helms Deep 3:59
CD2-10 play The Voice Of Saruman Download track MP3 The Voice Of Saruman 1:11
CD2-11 play Arwen's Fate (Featuring "The Grace Of The Valar") Download track MP3 Arwen's Fate (Featuring 3:58
CD2-12 play The Story Foretold Download track MP3 The Story Foretold 3:38
CD2-13 play Sons Of The Steward Download track MP3 Sons Of The Steward 6:02
CD2-14 play Rock And Pool Download track MP3 Rock And Pool 2:54
CD2-15 play Faramir's Good Council Download track MP3 Faramir's Good Council 2:20
CD3-1 play Aragorn's Return Download track MP3 Aragorn's Return 2:11
CD3-2 play War Is Upon Us Download track MP3 War Is Upon Us 3:35
CD3-3 play "Where Is The Horse And The Rider?" Download track MP3 6:15
CD3-4 play The Host Of The Eldar Download track MP3 The Host Of The Eldar 2:15
CD3-5 play The Battle Of The Hornburg Download track MP3 The Battle Of The Hornburg 2:52
CD3-6 play The Breach Of The Deeping Wall Download track MP3 The Breach Of The Deeping Wall 3:03
CD3-7 play The Entmoot Decides Download track MP3 The Entmoot Decides 2:06
CD3-8 play Retreat (Featuring "Haldir's Lament") Download track MP3 Retreat (Featuring 4:40
CD3-9 play Master Peregrin's Plan Download track MP3 Master Peregrin's Plan 2:31
CD3-10 play The Last March Of The Ents Download track MP3 The Last March Of The Ents 2:31
CD3-11 play The Nazgûl Attack Download track MP3 The Nazgûl Attack 2:45
CD3-12 play Théoden Rides Forth Download track MP3 Théoden Rides Forth 5:47
CD3-13 play The Tales That Really Matter Download track MP3 The Tales That Really Matter 12:01
CD3-14 play "Long Ways To Go Yet" (Featuring "Gollum's Song") Download track MP3 8:05
DVD play Entire Score In Superior Sound Download track MP3 Entire Score In Superior Sound ?
mp3 player of Howard Shore - The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers - The Complete Recordings:
  • CD1-1. Howard Shore - Glamdring↓ mp3
  • CD1-2. Howard Shore - Elven Rope↓ mp3
  • CD1-3. Howard Shore - Lost In Emyn Muil↓ mp3
  • CD1-4. Howard Shore - My Precious↓ mp3
  • CD1-5. Howard Shore - Uglúk's Warriors↓ mp3
  • CD1-6. Howard Shore - The Three Hunters↓ mp3
  • CD1-7. Howard Shore - The Banishment Of Éomer↓ mp3
  • CD1-8. Howard Shore - Night Camp↓ mp3
  • CD1-9. Howard Shore - The Plains Of Rohan↓ mp3
  • CD1-10. Howard Shore - Fangorn↓ mp3
  • CD1-11. Howard Shore - The Dead Marshes↓ mp3
  • CD1-12. Howard Shore - "Wraiths On Wings"↓ mp3
  • CD1-13. Howard Shore - Gandalf The White↓ mp3
  • CD1-14. Howard Shore - The Dreams Of Trees↓ mp3
  • CD1-15. Howard Shore - The Heir Of Númenor↓ mp3
  • CD1-16. Howard Shore - Ent-draught↓ mp3
  • CD2-1. Howard Shore - Edoras↓ mp3
  • CD2-2. Howard Shore - The Court Of Meduseld↓ mp3
  • CD2-3. Howard Shore - Théoden King (Featuring "The Funeral Of Théodred")↓ mp3
  • CD2-4. Howard Shore - The King's Decision↓ mp3
  • CD2-5. Howard Shore - Exodus From Edoras↓ mp3
  • CD2-6. Howard Shore - The Forests Of Ithilien↓ mp3
  • CD2-7. Howard Shore - One Of The Dúnedain (Featuring "Evenstar")↓ mp3
  • CD2-8. Howard Shore - The Wolves Of Isengard↓ mp3
  • CD2-9. Howard Shore - Refuge At Helms Deep↓ mp3
  • CD2-10. Howard Shore - The Voice Of Saruman↓ mp3
  • CD2-11. Howard Shore - Arwen's Fate (Featuring "The Grace Of The Valar")↓ mp3
  • CD2-12. Howard Shore - The Story Foretold↓ mp3
  • CD2-13. Howard Shore - Sons Of The Steward↓ mp3
  • CD2-14. Howard Shore - Rock And Pool↓ mp3
  • CD2-15. Howard Shore - Faramir's Good Council↓ mp3
  • CD3-1. Howard Shore - Aragorn's Return↓ mp3
  • CD3-2. Howard Shore - War Is Upon Us↓ mp3
  • CD3-3. Howard Shore - "Where Is The Horse And The Rider?"↓ mp3
  • CD3-4. Howard Shore - The Host Of The Eldar↓ mp3
  • CD3-5. Howard Shore - The Battle Of The Hornburg↓ mp3
  • CD3-6. Howard Shore - The Breach Of The Deeping Wall↓ mp3
  • CD3-7. Howard Shore - The Entmoot Decides↓ mp3
  • CD3-8. Howard Shore - Retreat (Featuring "Haldir's Lament")↓ mp3
  • CD3-9. Howard Shore - Master Peregrin's Plan↓ mp3
  • CD3-10. Howard Shore - The Last March Of The Ents↓ mp3
  • CD3-11. Howard Shore - The Nazgûl Attack↓ mp3
  • CD3-12. Howard Shore - Théoden Rides Forth↓ mp3
  • CD3-13. Howard Shore - The Tales That Really Matter↓ mp3
  • CD3-14. Howard Shore - "Long Ways To Go Yet" (Featuring "Gollum's Song")↓ mp3
  • DVD. Howard Shore - Entire Score In Superior Sound↓ mp3
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